Incubator Program


We’re anything but ordinary. As a not-for-profit organisation with a commitment to addressing social challenges, we’re overhauling communities, one passion project at a time. Unlocking the use of ‘Meanwhile Spaces,’ where vacant spaces are temporarily converted into bustling social projects, we’ll help you mould big ideas into community-first start-ups. Injecting a sense of vibrancy into local neighbourhoods, we’re nurturing community cohesion, reviving the high street, and putting our stamp on your ESG strategy.

Transforming abandoned factories into fashion hubs, disused shops into start-up incubators, and neglected homes into hackspaces, we’re morphing unkept London neighbourhoods into a melting pot of community-first businesses. From encouraging a U-turn on antisocial behaviour to breathing life back into our high streets, we are the change we want to see in the world, having joined forces with 80 SMEs – and counting.

We don’t want to fit your ideas into a box. Partnering with creative minds and off-the-wall thinkers, we view our role as your social sidekick, building strong foundations, overseeing your progress, and nurturing your visions – not changing them. Through specialist support, stringent training provisions, and a network of invaluable contacts, combined with a web of seed funding options, we exist to help early-stage businesses leave lasting legacies.

Collaborating with bold, social-conscious entrepreneurs, we’re seeking individuals who want to go against the grain; The type of entrepreneur who sees injustice and runs towards it – not away. The type of entrepreneur who lives and breathes their social mission. And ultimately, the type of entrepreneur who wants to drive a new age of community, where people come before profits and ‘social impact’ isn’t just a buzz phrase – it’s woven through their DNA.



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