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The Utilize Project (TUP) is a not-for-profit organisation that saves empty spaces from going to waste. Working closely with progressive developers who want to positively impact the communities they neighbour, we ’utilize’ their empty properties for the benefit of the people surrounding them.

Where unused, empty buildings can attract anti-social behaviour and crime, we fill such spaces with social projects. From affordable working spaces to women’s services; youth facilities to startup incubators, our projects become a hub of activity that breathes life back into otherwise neglected spaces.

So consider this our call to arms: Empty, unloved and under-utilized spaces, wherever you may be, we will find you and bring back to life… Because we let no good space ever go to waste!

our TEAM

Mahmud Shahnawaz is a strategic communications professional with a background in tech and entrepreneurship. Previously he launched and grew a successful food tech startup. He is currently studying an MBA at Cambridge Judge Business school, and is passionate about connecting businesses with the communities that they operate within.

Gemma Simmons has a professional background in space revitalisation, having worked on successful commercial projects involving shared workspaces. She has now found a way to put her skills to use for the good of a local community. Alongside her role in the overall Utilize Pepper Street project, she also runs a collaborative salon on the site.  

Shahaveer Hussain specialises in campaigns and community engagement, and previously worked for The Young Foundation on a project to drive change in communities across Tower Hamlets, where he grew up. He is an accomplished charity fundraiser who has worked on causes like refugee protections, for which he was recognised in the 2018 British Bangladeshi Power & Inspiration 100 list. 


To find out more, please contact us at [email protected] or come to one of our events. 




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