Bellerive House – 40,000 Sq ft

Once an office complex lauded by international corporations, Bellerive House has been moulded into a bustling hub, adored by content creators and local entrepreneurs. Sat upon 40,000+ sq. ft, our Digital Content Creators Space is set to become the centre of your next venture, overflowing with key resources, motivating talent, and the flexibility of a short-term agreement.

Welcoming in aspiring podcasters, cult-favourite vloggers, up-and-coming streamers, future influencers, and so many more, this space is welcome to all. Whether you’re a budding personality or an established creator, we’re inviting you to create and collaborate with a catalogue of like-minded creators.


Run by local people, for local people.

Positioned against a backdrop of waterfront views and a dramatic skyline, this events space is for you. Think thought-provoking talks by The Women’s Network, stand-out fundraising events from Great Ormond Street Hospital, and a space where you can host your next event, putting the spotlight on your most off-the-wall social missions.

Boasting a 300+ capacity, there’s nowhere quite like this. Hosting an endless list of events, programmes, and workshops, often at a discounted rate, this space was designed to promote the best that London has to offer. From advocating for a new approach to wellbeing to nurturing your skillset, if it benefits the community, we’d love to host it.