Tayside House – 9000 Sq Ft

Utilize’s first project sits on Pepper Street, just off Millwall Dock, a once-bustling port which brought timber and grain into London. It sits in the middle of a vibrant, mixed community in the shadow of the Canary Wharf financial district which too often feels little benefit from the wealth next door.

Transforming vacant spaces into bustling social projects, our meanwhile spaces are the driving force behind a new age of social entrepreneurs. Collaborating with game-changing entrepreneurial minds, our 9,000+ sq. ft space is home to a range of community-conscious businesses, alleviating financial hardship and promoting scalability.

Armed with hands-on guidance, vigorous training, and a phonebook of invaluable contacts, we’re responsible for leading early-stage businesses through their most critical moments. Having collaborated with 80 SMEs (and counting!), we call upon intricate financial know-how and unmatched experience to nurture budding business ventures – with results that speak for themselves.